Loonies On the Path - Solar Storm

OK, the beginnings of the whole "Loonies on the Path" posts were simply about documenting any connections, real or perceived, between weather and other phenomenons, and traffic insanity. So with that in mind, I want to document today. And I want your input.

On the way into work today I saw multiple wrecks. Plus, everywhere I went there were traffic jams. I couldn't even see the reason why there were so many jam-ups. But they were everywhere. Traffic just didn't seem able to flow at all.

I emailed someone in Alabama about this and they said the same thing was happening there.

Today there is a massive solar storm and it is bombarding the Earth with radiation from the sun. Yes, call out the EPA and have them arrest the Sun! Anyway, I want to know if you have noticed anything funky in traffic, too. This is sort of like an internet science project. And we're all participants. But we don't win any prizes if it goes well. I just want to know if you perceive traffic or people in general where you are to be more dysfunctional than usual today. More wrecks than normal? More traffic jams? More people in a daze or wanting to argue? What's happening where you are? And while you're telling us that, tell us where you are exactly.
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