Irony - it's when a blogger asks for help in figuring out how to 'unfollow' someone. So you try your best to help them. And then they unfollow you. That's irony.

Little Red Riding Hood - I swear I am trying to come up with something for this! I am super sick today, so I may just have to write whatever comes to mind while under the influence of Mucinex and hope it's good enough to live up to the hype.

Football - I was shocked by the BCS Championship Game. Leave it to Alabama's coach to throw everyone a total curveball and send his offense onto the field with instructions to "pass-pass-pass that ball" while LSU never seemed to make up its mind what their game plan was.

Politics - it's when all the worst people you ever knew, the biggest liars and sociopaths, gather together in one place, and they call it "the capitol" which is located in "the capital" just to help get the confusion started, and they all sit around together bullshitting and trying to see who is the most full of shit. This person is then given an award called "the presidential nomination" and they run against the biggest bullshitter of the other political parties to decide who the most full-of-shit person in the entire country is. That's politics.

Cliques - I've come to a strange place in life where I am, as always, totally OUT of the biggest cliques, only this time I don't know why for sure. There are two really big cliques where I live during the week. I am being excluded by people who used to be my friends, but I can't figure out which clique they are in that is so insistent that I be ostrizied. There is the "government security clearance" clique, which consists of people working in government jobs that require they qualify for a significant security clearance. Almost everyone I know giving me the brush-off is in this clique. And then there is the "Jones Valley clique", which is a group of people who get paid a shit-ton of money by virtue of working for the government and all live in the "Jones Valley" area of my hometown where only the 'right' people live. Actually, one or two of these people will talk to me and even be seen in public with me. But what is confusing me is the people in the Jones Valley clique who don't work for the government, or anyone, who also won't talk to me. Perhaps I'm oversimplifying? Perhaps both cliques have me on their shit-list and it is just a few rebels who don't care and talk to me anyway? Ah high school, it doesn't end just because we all graduated long ago. Now it's called Facebook.

Sick - I am sick. Everyone around me was sick during new year's eve and early last week. I resisted and was fine. This week I am sick as a dog. My chest feels like someone cut me open and put a big rock inside my lungs. My throat feels like someone is choking me with both hands and really leaning into it. The best medicine I can find makes me thirsty and gives me a headache. Right now I am typing while looking through only one eye because they both hurt, but one hurts less than the other.

CDs - all the time I've invested in watching "Attack of the Show" has begun to pay off. They reported on the music industry's intention of discontinuing the manufacture of CDs this year and I took note. Just last night I bought and copied 2 Deep Purple CDs, 2 Beatles CDs, 2 Faith Hill CDs (yeah, I know, but they were on sale) and one CD by The Cars which I still own on vinyl, but my turntable is currently broken. I expect to be spending a lot of money on CDs as I try to round up all the music I like before they stop manufacturing them.

FCC - during the FCC hearings currently before the Supreme Court, someone, I think it was Kagan, was quoted as saying that decency standards should go the way of vinyl records and just be done away with. It's interesting to me because vinyl has made a bit of a comeback. It never totally went away and now that CDs are being phased out the demand for vinyl is increasing. In fact, there are reports of radio DJs requesting vinyl instead of CDs because the quality of the recorded sound is significantly higher on vinyl.

SACD - are you familiar with a high-density CD called an SACD? I had never heard of them until my cousin mentioned them to me. If you can find an album you like on an SACD platform CD and you play it on an SACD player you get near-vinyl quality, but with all the benefits of a CD. And if you purchase a "hybrid SACD" you get a dual layer CD which plays high-quality on an SACD player, or regular quality on a regular CD player. Pretty cool!

And now, an instructional video on "How to get laid - for dorks" ...

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