Hump Day

OK, so it's Wednesday and I still haven't written the Little Red Riding Hood story. Sorry, I'm swamped and I'm having some headache issues that make it difficult for me to sit and work at the computer for extended periods of time. So with that in mind, this will probably be short.


Republican conservative candidate Michelle Bachmann has officially dropped out of the race for President of the United States. Obama's supporters couldn't be happier. She was the one candidate that he and his people feared most. They had already managed to assassinate Herman Cain, the second most feared opponent for Obama, so the defeat of Bachmann is a real high point for Obama's new year. Now all he has to worry about are a bunch of white males who all look alike to him and his supporters. They will be much easier for him to beat than a strong conservative woman or black businessman. From here on out, it's straight up attack ads calling the Republicans 'racists' and '1 percenters' and shit like that.


The music industry has indicated that they are going to abandon the production of CDs in 2012 and just focus on selling digital downloadable music instead. Personally I think this sucks in a big way. If I like a song I want a hardcopy of it. I want a good hardcopy, in fact. If I can get a SACD I will. And if not, a standard CD will do. But the iTunes downloads are crap in terms of quality and only good enough for songs I just like a little bit, about 99 cents worth and no more. So anyway, I am in the market for a new high quality turntable after hearing this news. I still have a large collection of vinyl, which incidentally is superior to standard CDs, so if they are going to give up on CDs, too, then I'm going to scarf up as many albums and CDs as I can from the artists I listen to and then, I suppose, live in the past from here on out.

Serve and Protect?

I'm reading more and more articles talking about the alarming trend in the militarization of American police departments, resulting in more and more "no knock" SWAT team home invasions, inexcusable sexual assaults of unarmed men and now a high school girl, tanks, M16s, armored Humvees, and other totally military war-specific weapons, assaults and strategies by police officers against ordinary and frequently non-violent American citizens, with absolutely no justice for the victims and no response from lawmakers or judges. Police are now shooting and/or sexually assaulting American citizens who are not armed, not fighting, not dangerous, and not resisting, and then charging those citizens with an avalanche of crimes that absolutely make no sense. Police in other Western nations have indicated some concern at what American police are doing, but inevitably, American abuses by police are slowly creeping into the practices and arsenals of those other nations as well.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. And good men are disinclined to fight when they are being shot in the testicles with shotguns and Tasers and semi-automatic M16s and handguns, or grabbed by, punched in, or kicked in the testicles while simply standing still and protesting for their basic human rights.

So anyway, my eyes are killing me. I really can't write anything more at this point. So, happy hump day!
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