So let's talk about the 'geniuses' who run network television here in the United States of Group-Think. When was the last time you saw an episode of "Cougar Town" on ABC? I've been waiting about as long as I can stand for this show to come back and I've been pissed off about it taking so long, too. Now I read that ABC is reducing the number of episodes it is ordering from 22 to 15. It's not as if we haven't even seen ANY episodes in nearly a year or anything, you assholes. And this weak attempt at recreating "Friends", except with one black guy and one gay guy, to appease the humorless activists on the corporate board of directors, which ABC currently has running in the "Cougar Town" timeslot is such a work of genius, either. "Happy Endings" is lame and barely getting by. And no, it won't ever be a huge hit like "Friends" was. It's just not funny enough.

Speaking of stupid network TV assholes, is a tribe of monkeys running NBC? First they stubbornly refuse to move "Community" out of the same timeslot as the raging hit "Big Bang Theory" because, oh I don't know, it might do extremely well. And now they're just flat canceling it. Seriously? What, you have a better show hiding in your desk drawer somewhere that we have never seen before? If you did I'm sure you'd put it up against some other raging hit, like "House" or something so that we'd never see it, either. Geez, why can't I get a job running a major TV network so I can show them how it should be done? Seriously, I've watched these morons wreck good shows for years and years. I'm pretty sure I could do a lot better.

katy perry
Boob restraints

So apparently the fashionistas are all up in arms about who wore what at the various awards shows over the past week or so. They are bitching that Katy Perry wore a dress that just barely covered her nipples and would have slipped and popped both boobs out if she so much as sneezed. Well, she didn't sneeze and nothing came out so what's the big deal?

Super Dogma

The Press is up in arms about the failure of the 'Super' Committee to accomplish anything. What kind of moron ever expected this trainwreck to accomplish anything? It was clearly designed to pit ideologues against any suggestions of a solution. It was packed with religious Marxists whose only purpose was to stonewall. I heard someone say that since the cornerstone of President Obama's campaign is that Congress is to blame for the country's problems because it "does nothing" the last thing he wanted was a super committee that actually accomplished something.


As if we don't already know that most of the largest corporate entities in this country are being run by a committee of PC bitches and eunuchs, here is further proof: NASCAR invited Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to be the grand marshals of a NASCAR race. They were booed by the fans, over half of whom are Democrats themselves. Inviting these rich-bitch political princesses to officiate at a NASCAR event is about as well thought out as the time professional baseball invited Roseanne Barr to sing the National Anthem at the start of a game. Or the NFL ordering their players to wear pink. Or the existence of the WNBA. Idiots!

Eric Holder

Speaking of PC bitches and eunuchs, the FBI stands accused of ignoring a black Muslim terrorist who attempted to bomb key sites in New York City. New York police arrested him with a bomb in his possession even as Eric Holder's openly black racist FBI continued to insist that police leave the terrorist alone. The excuse the FBI gave for their stance was that they believed the terrorist was simply too stupid to carry out his threats. Is that racial profiling in reverse or what is that? If a white FBI ever said that there would be hell to pay.

History is politically incorrect

In Austin, Texas, the most pro-communist city south of the Mason-Dixon line, an application by the Sons of Confederate Veterans to have personalized license plates with the historic Confederate Flag on them along with "Sons of Confederate Veterans" has been rejected by politically correct Democrats and one Republican candidate for President, Governor Rick Perry. In a typical display of the two-faced double-standards long synonymous with the Democratic Party, Democratic state Sen. Rodney Ellis of Houston said, "The state of Texas should not sanction what's become a symbol of hatred and racism." The irony and hypocrisy is in the fact that until the early 1990s it was Democrats in all Southern states who proudly flew this flag and waved it about, especially while campaigning for office. It wasn't until The South switched from majority Democrat to majority Republican in 1994 that the Democrats and their bitches in the media suddenly decided that the flag was a symbol of hate and racism. Since it was them who flew it, what it reveals about their own prejudices is truly epic. No one objected to this flag prior to 1994, as proven by network TV's embrace of it for "The Dukes of Hazard", a hit show which no one in the black community or Democratic Party ever objected to.
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