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"The 6.3 quake that rocked Christchurch, New Zealand, was a bad hit to a city that six months ago didn't realize it lived on a fault line. But amid the rubble, this country has the civil culture to recover quickly.

Sometimes the most telling indicators can be seen in little things. Hours after the quake struck, a British tourist posted a film on the Internet showing a huge rock slide rumbling down to houses on a street just outside Christchurch — and in the background, a Kiwi resident diligently sweeping away the debris so the cars could still get through.

Meanwhile, news photos showed other New Zealanders, acting on their own initiative, marching over to the badly damaged hotel district in the center of the city, and offering homeless tourists their beds ... "

and then read the most heart-wrenching blog post ever, here:

"They were just walking out of the cafe as it happened, Chris (Mrs) pushed her husband hard out of the way of falling debris, he still didn't have the strength to move at any pace. He was knocked to the ground by part of a falling building and she threw herself over top of him to protect him from anything else coming down. When the dust cleared she noticed that he was bleeding out from his leg, she ripped off her top and tried to tourniquet his thigh, it wouldn't work, he fell unconscious. A couple of people tried CPR but he didn't recover and a policeman told them they had to leave ..."

And then go

Help support Christchurch earthquake victims

"APN News & Media, publisher of, has launched a nation-wide appeal for Christchurch earthquake victims with an initial company contribution of $100,000 ..."

and, if you are able, do this:

- Donate online at


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