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One small step for man ...

It's Monday morning and I'm already exhausted. I'm supposed to go to my workout at noon today and pump with the volleyball players, but I don't think I have it in me. Yesterday I went hiking in the mountains. I was on that trail for a couple of hours and got a little dehydrated. The night before I got almost no sleep at all, so today I'm just totally drained. I know I shouldn't skip this workout. Hell, with the shape I'm in I shouldn't skip any workouts ever. In fact, I should be doing 2 a day. But I'm falling over. I'll probably go home at lunch and lie down for 30 minutes, then eat something and head back for another stressful day of work.

I didn't go to Memphis this past weekend. So last night when I would have been on the road battling drunks with cell phones swerving down the highway, instead I was going over my 4x4, checking the oil, checking the antifreeze (radiator was bone dry - not good), and polishing the damn plastic lenses that pose as my headlights because they had become so dull and hazy that my headlights barely seemed to shine through. I remember when headlights were made of glass and you didn't have to polish them in order to use them. Those were the days, when steel was steel and had chrome on it and headlights were made of glass. Now we get plastic fenders, Styrofoam 'bumpers' that do nothing, crumple zones - which is just another way of saying cheap ass car wads up like a sheet of aluminum foil, and air bags.

I'm sure air bags seemed like a good idea to someone, but the reality is they knock the living shit out of people who were often otherwise OK until the airbag punched them in the face like Mike Tyson. I hate them. I hate them almost as much as I hate crumple zones and fake bumpers.

I remember watching a film of Henry Ford crash testing one of his old Model A cars. He drove it to the side of a hill and then pushed it off sideways so that it rolled all the way down the hill. Then he walked to the bottom of the hill, got in the car, and drove it back up the hill again. It was fine. Yeah, try doing that with a fucking Toyota Prius sometime and see how well it does. Fucking piece of shit plastic battery-powered Matchbox toy car can't even survive hitting a squirrel without something crumpling, something falling off and the fucking air bag punching you in the face.

I thought the future was supposed to be taking us forward. Certainly that's how all the old science fiction movies portrayed it. Everything was shown as better in the future. Except that everyone wore white jumpsuits and ate pills instead of actual food. And when you turn 30 they cook you and eat you, unless you're Michael York and you escape. And apes take over the world. But other than that, things were supposed to be better and cooler. But the reality is a bit different. Today, if you pit a 1970 Dodge Polara against a 2011 Dodge Charger in a head-on collision, the Polara will emerge without a scratch and the Charger will wad itself into a neat little ball of recyclable garbage, like a crushed beer can with a tiny little airbag inside. And the old Polara rides better, has more room inside, holds more junk in the trunk, and you can sit on the hood and lay back onto the windshield to look at the stars in the sky without denting anything or cracking the glass, unlike the new Charger or any new car, which collapses the minute you lean on it too hard. Oh, and also, the old Polara came with a 440 cubic inch engine if you wanted it.

A steel car is a real car

It's a sign of our decline that we can't afford to make cars out of steel anymore. We can't make them strong enough that a teenager can stand on the hood with a beer in their hand and shout "wooooo" to some girl whose house he's parked in front of and has a crush on without the hood collapsing under his skinny teenaged weight, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

We can't teach kids how to read or do math in school anymore, either. We're too busy teaching them 'social consciousness' and feminist hatred of white males instead. Meanwhile, the boys are being castrated in the hallways between classes Adam Sandler-style and carried to the hospital with ruptured testicles while the teachers stand by, video the assaults and laugh, but do nothing to stop this sexual war on our boys. They're too busy encouraging the girls to be strippers and put condoms on bananas and cucumbers to worry about the boys being sexually tortured in their own classrooms. Meanwhile, the cops roam the halls with Tasers, which they use on the boys genitals whenever they catch the boys being late for class or going to the bathroom without a hall pass. The boys keep cracking up with all the sexual abuse, randomly coming to school with guns and bombs and blasting everyone because they just can't take it anymore, but no one will help them or put a stop to what is being done to them. And then we wonder why no one wants their kids to go to the public schools.

No future

We can't make a decent movie anymore. There are 4 5 new movies in theaters right now and advertising on TV all day long, every single day, annoying the shit out of me. Of the 4 5 movies, 3 4 feature multiple scenes of guys getting hurt in the testicles, apparently as a gag. This is supposed to draw viewers in, don't you know, and it's all they've got to offer in the way of physical comedy. Hey, some guy just got castrated! Isn't that great? I think I'm going to spend $15 to go see this great piece of cinematic genius! Oh wait, no I'm not. I hate that sexist shit. I can turn to the Disney Channel and see that a thousand times a day for free on Hannah Montana so why drive to a theater and pay a ridiculous amount of money to see the same insulting and degrading shit from Adam Sandler or whoever else these idiots are in the other movies? Fuck that. If I'm going to all the trouble to go see a movie in the theater and pay the outrageous prices they charge, I'll go see the one that doesn't have to rely on misandric sexual violence and abuse in place of actual comedy, original ideas or a real story. I'll go see the one with Owen Wilson, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate starring in it because it looks like it could be funny and because Jenna and Christina are both hot. Plus, no one gets hit in the balls, at least not in any of the ads.

Parenting fail

I should be watching more news. I should be trying to keep up more with what is going on in the world. But our news is mostly shit, too. All the major TV networks are owned by billionaire Marxists who use their death-grip on our media sources to shove hate and bullshit down our throats. In the old days, this was called propaganda, and it was associated with socialist legends such as Adolph "Alfie" Hitler and "Uncle" Joseph Stalin. Now we associate it with CBS' overlord, "crazy-assed" Sumner Redstone, or any of the other big networks, all of which are controlled by a tiny handful of guys who all hang out together and think alike. The only exception to this is Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox, and who was smart enough to realize that the only way he could break into the elitist world of giant television networks was to offer programming to the neglected half of the population who aren't communists. Unfortunately, it wasn't out of some high moral fiber that he did this, as the rest of his programming demonstrates. It was simply realistic thinking and mental clarity that brought him to the decision to target the 'other half' of the population with his network, and even then only with the news programs. If half the people of the world have nowhere to turn for news that doesn't directly insult them, clearly the best way to break into the television business is to target them as your audience. It doesn't mean the programming you provide isn't shit, only that it insults different people with its shittyness.

Speaking of the news, here in the United States we keep hearing that the Egyptian people are protesting for democracy in their country. But when I skip our major misinformation sources and dig a little deeper, what I find is that the Egyptians aren't protesting for democracy. They are protesting in favor or an Islamic dictatorship in which shariah law is forced on all citizens of Egypt and Egyptian women are thus treated like men are in the Western nations, shittily. They support Hezbollah and the attacks on the United States, including 9/11, and want to attack Israel. In short, what they want is a government that joins with the Saudi Royals and Osama bin Laden in making war on America and, in fact, all Western nations, while lobbing missiles at Israel for fun. Funny, but this sounds nothing like what our news media is telling us.

One thing I did see in the news today is a story about the rising crisis the various Christian denominations are facing, as more and more people (men) are leaving them and going to non-denominational churches instead. It seems that the old, mainstream denominations are losing members (men) in droves, and haven't a clue as to why. Having grown up in the heart of the Bible Belt and dragged to every Southern Baptist church in the state of Alabama as a youth, I think I might have some ideas about why this is occurring. If you scroll up to a few of the things that I said previously, all the sexual violence against men in movies and TV that is being encouraged, and all the real life sexual violence against boys in our schools that no one is doing anything about, you might think to ask, "what has the Christian church done about this to try and stop it? What have Christian leaders said about this problem which very non-Christian researchers in non-Christian places like the University of New Hampshire have documented and even declared an alarm over, stating that the rates of sexual violence against males in America are now a verified and exploding epidemic?

Welcome to adolescence - Get used to this

And I would answer you - nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, not a single word.

The mainstream Christian churches in America are too politically correct and feminized to ever dare speak out in protest about the epidemic of S&M-syle sexual violence and abuse directed at the males in our society, because they fear the women in the church, with women very nearly being the only people left in the churches now, might take offense at the diversion of attention over to the 'hated' sex. They might become offended at the very suggestion that males might be victims of any kind, especially of a sexual kind, and leave. And if the women leave the mainstream churches, no one will be left in them anymore. Of course, if the churches hadn't gone feminist in the first place, they wouldn't be in the predicament they currently find themselves in. But they did, and so more and more Christians, those who actually care about God and the law, have left them and gone elsewhere, sort of like audiences did to the Big 3 television networks and CNN when Fox came along. Or like the Christian people of Sweden did when government took over the churches and ordered them to be politically correct and feminist in all that they say and do, leaving their churches as empty as a tomb, forced now to rely on government tax payouts to simply remain in existence, but serving no real purpose, as Swedish Christians all worship at home, away from government interference and PC propaganda and hate.

Broken church

Anyway, that's the thoughts rolling out of my head today. I'm tired from the weekend and apparently missing my workout. I'm going to regret missing my workout, but it can't be helped. I have too much to do at work today to think about that until the day is done and I am home again. Maybe I'll go after work and lift weights or something? Or maybe I'll just go straight home from work and go to bed, to sleep until tomorrow when I have to get up and go back to work again?

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