Secret Knowledge

I just spent an hour listening to a man at the gym with an interesting, albeit unhealthy, worldview. Let me lay it out for you so you can see what I mean.

All the world is controlled by someone. We're all just sheep. Oh, we think we're free, but really we're "debt slaves" to the government. The government is owned by a big corporation. This big corporation controls the whole world. It doesn't have a name, but it used to be the Virginia Trading Company. Somehow the Virginia Trading Company gained control of the entire world, including Asia and the Middle East, through the banks. The banks are all controlled by one central bank in England. The name of that bank is a secret. The secret central bank in England is controlled by the British Royal Family. Everyone in the British Royal Family is related to The Rothchilds. All the Rothchilds are Jews. The Jews control the whole world and make us all slaves through their secret central bank, which is in England, but no one knows where exactly or what its name is. This secret group of Rothchild Jewish English Royals all agree on everything and have been following the same central plan for thousands of years. This secret bank is thousands of years old. Probably King Arthur was an agent of the secret bank even. The Romans probably had something to do with it. It was probably begun by Methuselah or Abraham or something. Maybe Cain, because we all know what a cold-blooded bastard he was.

All political parties are subservient to this bank, so there is really no point in voting because it doesn't matter if you vote for a Democrat, a Republican, a Tea Party candidate, a Labour or Torrie or Communist or Green, or even a Nazi - because they all are willing secret agent servant slaves of the secret bank of Jews in England. Prince Charles is one of them.

But wait, there's more.

Even China, which we think is actually an enemy of the West, is just a slave of this Jewish Royal Bank which may or may not have involved Benny Hill and Rowan Atkinson. The whole Chinese navy, which is increasingly seeming to threaten the Pacific Ocean in an effort to take control, is just an illusion. All those ships belong to Benny Hill's secret Jewish Royal Bank of English Rothchilds. Even Pakistan, where we all think Osama bin Laden and the Taliban are hiding, is just a slave of the Secret Jewish Royal Bank of Mr Bean Rothchild. Even Russia and India and Pakistan and South Africa and Zimbabwe and Cuba and Venezuela and Colombia and Greenland and Timbuktu, are all slaves of the Secret Monte Python Royal Jewish Bank of Funny Walks and King Arthur.

But not Israel. Israel gets everything it has for free and pays no taxes to The Bank somehow.

And not the Vatican, because The Pope is secretly a Rothchild and a Jew and can do the funny walks like John Cleese and has been known to run around while saxophone music blairs Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax" theme song from Benny Hill and people chase him, including nuns with large breasts bouncing and exposed and a bald old man whom the Pope likes to slap on the top of his head repeatedly.

And we, we are all sheep without minds of our own. We all believe, because we are fools, that we have free will and that freedom can exist. Everyone is a sheep. Even the Rothchilds and Benny Hill and Mr Bean. Yet somehow they run the world, following the wishes of their forefathers to the letter, without ever having an independent thought of their own or deviating from The Plan in the slightest, because this is how people are. We are all the same. We all think and act the same. None of us is capable of forming an independent thought or having a desire which might drive us to subvert The Plan for our own ends. No one in the super secret Jewish English Rothchild family has ever secretly wished to trick the others into giving up control to this one person who, for reasons which simply cannot exist, might think differently or view things in a different light or simply be a selfish, power-hungry ass.

In other words, there is no such thing as a sociopath or narcissist or personality disorder of any kind. There are no schizophrenics and no evil geniuses. All the Rothchilds and all of us are mentally mere clones without the capacity for thought or true desire or especially selfishness. Except that The Plan is purely selfish, a master plan of purest evil designed to keep us all enslaved to the super secret bank which has no name and is run by no one in particular and no one knows about.

Except for this guy that I met at the gym. He knows. He knows all about it. He has "secret knowledge" that he gained from reading some secret books. Whomever wrote those books was probably kidnapped and murdered because, you know, no one is supposed to know this stuff. And he insists that I need to read those books so that I can join him in 'knowing the secret knowledge.'

And here is where I see the biggest problem. Since we're all sheep and have no free will and the whole world is controlled by a secret Jew in a secret bank in a secret location in England, what possible good would it do me to know this stuff? What would I be expected to do with this information? If I have no free will and I'm a slave to this conspiracy, clearly I cannot fight it. Clearly I cannot beat it. If what he says is true, clearly there must be no hope in this world for any of us. That being the case, am I not better off being ignorantly blissful, drinking my beer and watching football and thinking my vote counts and the Tea Party is shaking up Washington DC and unexpected things, which we cannot foresee, do occasionally happen to alter the course of events, to alter the direction of life on this world?

To simply have some 'secret knowledge' that no one else has, yet do nothing with it, because the knowledge itself is that there is nothing we can do, is, to me, of no value whatever. It is a kind of circular logic that leads you nowhere and simply leaves you dizzy and filled with despair. It is a philosophy of misery and defeatism.

This is the kind of thinking that leads people to move out into the woods where they live in a shack with no electricity or toilets, eating out of tin cans and feeling proud of themselves because they have removed themselves from "the grid." Their biggest thrill in life is in knowing that the government doesn't know where they are and can't spy on them or tax them, largely because they have no money, and therefore, this makes them free. They believe they are better off than the rest of us, even as they sit in a tiny wooden box filled with the aroma of their own stink, much like a man sitting in a prison cell does.

Come to think of it, this is exactly the sort of thing Ted Kaczynski believed in. This is the sort of belief that led him to move out into a wooden shack in the woods and build bombs, which he then brought into town and mailed here and there, randomly murdering innocent "sheep" as a form of cowardly protest, apparently, of the fact that the other sheep hadn't joined him in living out in the woods in wooden shacks filled with misery, darkness and the smell of sweat and human excrement.

I don't know why it was so important to this guy that he tell me all this stuff. We were in the gym, presumably for the purpose of working out. But he didn't want to let me work out. He would get in my way and talk, talk, talk about this stuff. When I stopped making eye-contact and focused on my workout, he would physically move himself into my line of sight. When I looked down, he actually squatted down in front of me so that he would, once again, be in my line of sight and making eye contact as he shoved his conspiracy theory down my throat.

That wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that any time I tried to reply to him or ask him to consider any other option, or simply answer a question which I thought might be relevant, he would just ignore me and keep going. He wasn't interested in interacting with "a sheep", apparently. He was only interested in delivering a long, boring, conspiracy-laden monologue which I was not supposed to interrupt with my own thoughts or opinions.

You see, apparently he truly does view all other human beings as mere sheep. Thus, we aren't allowed our own opinions. It isn't Jewish Royal Family Pope Bankers thinking this way. It's him.

It's him and the freaky fat guy in this video here ...

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