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So, I'm on the computer and the TV is on. They're running a fucking stupid ad for something relating to a medical condition they call "low T." OK, what the fuck? What idiot wrote this fucking stupid ad? Low T? Is the word TESTOSTERONE considered obscene and unspeakable now or what? What is with all these fucking television ads abbreviating every conceivable medical condition and then just assuming we care enough to decipher their screaming loud commercial message? Fuck them and their "low T" ad. They could be talking about low hanging titties for all we know. They aren't, but eventually they probably will be.

Low T

Newsweek, the left-wing feminist bastion of worthless shit and drivel, is trying to obscure the very politically incorrect fact that all the sex abusers inside the Catholic Church were, in fact, homosexuals. The priests molested boys and the nuns molested girls. That's not a bash on gays in general. It's simply the facts of what happened inside the Catholic church. But in order to cover over this "inconvenient truth," guess what Newsweek is doing? They're claiming that the number of child molesting priests is no worse than the number of men in general out in regular society running around raping women. They claim 1 in 5 men are rapists (where have we heard this bullshit before?) Of course, no mention whatever is made of the women sex abusers because their very existence interferes with Newsweek's 'gender lens.' Newsweek is pretending the girl-raping nuns don't exist and hoping no one will notice. Their whole article is arguing the premise that all men are rapists and that's all they are. Not only that, but apparently all these raping men are out looking for young boys like Edward Cullen to rape instead of girls or women. At least, that's the conclusion their article leads to, even if they don't seem to realize it. Because they're a bunch of stupid male-bashing cunts.

Pat Wingert
male-bashing cunt with an "eat shit" smile

By the way, not coincidentally, the author of this male-bashing wad of lesbian butt juice is Pat Wingert, an alleged journalist who specializes in writing feminist articles, most of which don't include males at all. Judging from her dramatic hostility towards and complete misunderstanding of males, I'd say it'd be best if she stuck to writing articles that have absolutely nothing to do with men or boys and simply leaves us out of things altogether. Asking a feminist to write about men is like asking a Nazi to write about Jews. It can't lead to anything good or useful.

Yahoo is totally fucking up today. Actually it has been all week. They have my profile information all wrong and I'm trying to edit it to make it right. For the past week, at least, any attempt to change any of my data and save my changes results in a "servers are taking a break" error. Taking a break? What? They're fucking machines! They don't take breaks. Are they turned off? Are they disconnected? What the fuck? It's been a week! Do servers at Yahoo get vacation time or something? What does a server do on its break exactly? Does it go outside and smoke a cigarette? Maybe it goes looking for the administrative assistant's PC and tries to chat her up and get a little computer sex on the side? With a whole week off I guess the servers could all be vacationing down in Florida. I can just see it now, a big Sun Microsystems box sitting in the sand covered in sunscreen, with a beer in its CD tray. I'll bet that cooling fan is working double overtime, too.


And now for the news ...

11-year-old boy faces assault and weapon charges over pencil scratch

OK, let me get this straight, all across America for the past 30 years there has been an explosion of sexual assaults targeting male students, fully documented time and again and even reported in the news, with not a single thing being done and not a single arrest or prosecution of any sex offenders because of it. Yet a boy tells another boy to back off by scratching him with a pencil and he is being charged with felony attempted assault and misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon??? Are you fucking kidding me??? If ever there were a reason to lose all faith in our police and our justice system, this would certain be a part of it.

Supreme Court Judge Stevens turns to Dust

The Supreme Court's oldest living Leftist and most ardent fan of Che Guavera, John Paul George Ringo Stevens, has turned to dust and retired, leaving open yet another Supreme Court appointment for Great Leader Barack Chavez Obama to fill with, presumably, a lesbian feminazi cunt or else a fat union leader from Chicago. The feminazis received a pay-off with Sonya Sotomayor, so there is speculation that this second appointment may go to the communist labor unions. My coworkers and I are currently placing bets on whether this new judge will be a black lesbian feminist, another hispanic lesbian feminist, a Jewish lesbian feminist, or a Chicago-area labor organizer/mafioso in a shiny suit. One joker put $5 on the possibility of Obama picking a heterosexual white male with no ties to Marxism or the unions. That's money down the toilet, dude. I'll gladly take that bet.

Justice Stevens retiring

Iran Unveils Super Centrifuges for building The Bomb

Iran has expressed its opinion of the new Obama regime in the United States by openly deploying new super centrifuges capable of creating more and better nuclear weapons than before. Obama's "sanctions without engagement" policy towards aggressive dictators has thus far succeeded only in giving Iran what it has always wanted - nuclear capabilities. Obama's popularity rating in Iran is, not coincidentally, much higher than it is in the United States, where it hovers down around the level of American bad-boy Jesse James following his admission that he has been cheating on Sandra Bullock.

Obama Signs Really Bad Nuclear Treaty with Russia

American President Barack "Yo Momma" Obama has signed a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia which declares that any attempt by the Americans to build a shield against nuclear attack grants permission to Russia to launch a nuclear attack. Russia for many years has whined like a bully without a brick about America's nuclear missile defense system, complaining loudly that it prevents Russia from nuking the Americans whenever it pleases. Previous American Presidents have responded by simply telling Russia to "get over it." But feminist bad-boy Barrack Obama was having none of that. He, in typical Obama fashion, apologized to Russia for all the stress our missile shield has caused their generals and signed a treaty guaranteeing that the shield and all American defenses would be taken down. Former President Jimmy "killer rabbit" Carter stated that he was very, very proud of his long-lost bastard son and current American President Barack Obama, as he packed up his things in preparation for moving to Canada.

So, I guess that's it. I'm exhausted and I have a lot of work to do. Have a nice weekend, ya'll.
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