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botox pelosi
Vampires don't sleep

Last night, when all decent folk were at home getting ready for bed, Nancy Pelosi and her Botox Agents of Smoke and Change successfully shoved another socialist entitlement down the throats of the American people against the clearly expressed wishes of the majority. As she was doing so she said "this will end the insurance industry treating being a woman as a pre-existing condition." It was such a blatantly false statement that it nearly left me speechless. I took all of 15 seconds to catch my breath and shout, "fucking cuuuunt".

Yes, we've had exclusively female-focused tax-payer funded medical research in the U.S. for the past 15 years thanks to the Women's Health Act of the 1990s with nothing even remotely similar for men. Even prior to this, female-focused medical research was more heavily funded than male-focused. And irony of ironies, it has been the documented crisis of primarily females abusing and overusing their health insurance-covered access to doctors (i.e. frequent unnecessary visits) that has been one of the significant causes of medical costs skyrocketing in the United States over the past 20-30 years. This is fact, but a politically unpopular fact that both Democrats and Republicans won't touch with a ten-foot pole out of fear of an outraged response from female voters who dislike hearing anything unflattering that pertains to them. It is a fact that has many very well-understood reasons relating to evolution and reproduction which have nothing to do with slamming on women, but nevertheless remains true.

But a raging sociopath and filthy rich narcissist like Nancy Pelosi never lets The Truth get in the way of grabbing Power, or an opportunity to bitch and moan about how horrible it is to be a woman, even though she is currently the most powerful woman in the entire world. How depressing that is, knowing that no matter how much power, wealth, and control women like Nancy Pelosi have, there will never be an end to the bitching, and mostly about shit that isn't even true.

You're familiar

Then again, Harry Reid is a huge bitch, too, although he also bitches about how hard it is being a woman, so apparently when Men of the Left become bitches they truly become bitches and lose their manhood entirely. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Harry Reid dropped his pants on CSPAN and showed the world that he has no dick and is damned proud of it. He's a gigantic vagina.

Good Vagina

I'm not talking about the good kind of vagina, either, as in "Kim Kardashian's vagina is smokin' hot." I'm talking about the flappy, saggy, drippy, fish-smelling kind like Madeline Albright has, dry as a bone and just as useless except for the constant dripping of urine into her Depends adult diapers. That's Harry Reid in a nutshell. And Al Franken. And Joe Biden. And Barack Obama. And so many American politicians, in fact. I think it's only a matter of time before all the male Democrats in Congress, and a great many of the male Republicans, begin wearing pink dresses as a way of symbolizing that they renounce their mythical "male privilege" and are truly very sorry to have ever been born with penises at all.

guy in dress
Democrat-controlled Congress

Maybe I should start a political campaign to try and push them to actually do this? I'll call it the "Surrender Your Penis for Women's Empowerment" campaign and use lots of guilt and bullshit to pressure them by bitching and moaning about how the richest and most powerful people in the history of the world, American women, have it super duper hard and all "have a right to be angry." I'll write lots of editorials to the New York Times moaning that how the only way the men in Congress can show their commitment to women's "empowerment" is to renounce their own (very questionable) manhood and wear pink Hello Kitty dresses every day for the next 2 years. And then I'll sign my letters "Susan Sarandon."

Certain members of Congress would have no trouble with the Hello Kitty pink dress wearing at all, as some of them have been privately cross-dressing for their entire adult lives anyway.

Bad Vagina

A lot of conservative Republican voters are upset today. Pelosi's House shoved the government takeover of health care down the throats of The People despite the overwhelming cry from every single state of "we The People reject this and do not want it." The Senate did it before and all that remained was for the House to merge their bill with the Senate's and then send it to President Obama, who has never even read it, but guaranteed he'll sign it into law. That is happening as I write this.

All I can say to the depressed and screaming Republicans is, "what the fuck have you been doing throughout the past, what ... 50 years or more, ... that you didn't see all of this shit coming? Beginning back before most of us were even born, all of this has been openly planned and discussed and laid out in detail in books and articles and lectures and movies and TV shows, etc, etc, again and again, all through the '60s and '70s and never stopped even when Ronald Reagan was President and communism was supposedly on the run, through the '90s with great assistance from the Clinton White House, all during the Bush White House with willing cooperation from most Republican Senators until here we are today. Hell, a lot of this Marxist takeover shit was even openly promoted in propaganda on kids TV shows, so I know even the most mentally challenged had every opportunity to prepare for battle and get busy fighting long before it came to this.

Well, whatever. Just wait until the bill for this hits the paychecks of every single American citizen, Democrat and Republican alike. Wait until you hear the cries of "I can't afford this!" If you think the American economy is in the shitter now, just wait until tomorrow.

Our current economic policy

As for me, I'm watching this party with a drink in one hand and the bottle in the other and the full knowledge that I've done what I can do and will continue to do so. Whatever the outcome of this shit I'm going to keep fighting for what I consider important, and I hope you'll do the same. That's all you can do. Just don't be caught sitting on your ass in front of the TV complaining about shit when you didn't even try to do anything one way or the other.

Damn, somebody needs to do something

"Après moi le déluge"

Get up and fight or shut the fuck up.
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