Ute tagged me for this post.

It's my list of "Likes/Dislikes" and at the end of it I am supposed to tag a few of my fave people that I'd like to see write their list.


Good vodka, late nights, true friends, live bands, muscle cars, Top Gear, Big Bang Theory, thunderstorms, the beach, freaky clouds in the sky, fireworks, good sex, Gibson guitars, photography, Captain Morgan's rum, dreamless sleep, driving fast cars on mountain roads, books, reading, (auto)biographies, writing, the greening in Spring, nude French women, blogging, smashing windows, sock sliding on wooden floors, old houses, skeet shooting, Mythbusters, long haired women, pizza, beautiful women, Emmanuelle BĂ©art, Jessica Biel, my e-friends, football, track, the Olympics, silence, motocross, good cops, honest leaders, Chuck Colson, old Bugs Bunny cartoons, shooting silhouette targets with faces of bad people taped to them, working out on the 70 lb bag when I'm really mad, women who are so beautiful that they don't have to be nice to anyone yet are anyway, breaking bottles in the hall, Pink Floyd, turning my amplifier up all the way, justice.


Sociopaths, ego-maniacs, Sumner Redstone, passive/aggressive drivers, selfish people, yappy dogs, misandrists, Joe Biden, Taser International, underwear that rides up, underwear that doesn't support my junk, heart break, loud infomercials, junk mail, sexual violence portrayed as harmless and/or comedy, Seth Macfarlane, fake wrestling, violent drunks, crooked politicians, my lousy writing skills, Oprah, the United Nations, George Soros, sexual violence in children's entertainment, sneezing while peeing, when she coughs while we're doing it, pointless tasks, short-sighted people, dust mites, roaches, WalMart, knee pain, low class people, legalized torture, Governor Bredesen, dogmatic political protesters, sexually aggressive ugly women, being grabbed by the balls because I rejected the sexually aggressive ugly woman, arrogance, injustice, lack of sleep, manipulative vindictive deceitful little people (yes, you), sore throats, allergies, crooked elections, bad cops, false friends, evil politicians, powerful people who use their wealth and influence to hurt and destroy lives, my own stupidity, betrayal, people who don't turn on their turn signal because they've got their damn cell phone in that hand, new cars with Xenon headlights that fucking blind everyone at the normal setting and still they drive with their high beams on, narcissists, assholes, bitches, shitheads and communists.

I know I said I was going to tag people, but I am tagging no one because I'm a loser pissed off and most people don't want to be tagged by me. But if you want to do this, feel free to let me know and I'll try to come see what you wrote.

And now for a little musical entertainment ...

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