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The Welfare State is back, bigger than before

I listened to most of President Obama's speech/sermon last night and I have quite a bit to say about it. I was up late writing my reactions and noting the reactions of others. I started to post what I'd written, only to pull it back. I've done this several times now, starting to post, then pulling it back. I don't know why. I have a lot of thoughts about it, yet don't feel much like sharing any of them.

It was interesting to note the reactions of the people on the internet while he was speaking. People on Twitter were talking nonstop about it. People on Facebook were arguing, with Obama supporters telling those with differing views to "shut the hell up." I myself offered only a few opinions, hardly any that I would consider particularly controversial. I just didn't feel it.

Thomas Sowell has an article out this week about the feeling of utter despair he senses among the non-Leftists, and especially among the Conservatives. He says it is unlike anything he has seen before and that he himself is fighting it, as he watches a once-free nation being transformed into the biggest Welfare State in history. He finds it hard to maintain hope.

I'm in a bit of a strange position. I feel detached. I want to go live in Australia. I'm aware that Australia is already socialist to a large degree, and I don't like socialism at all. Regardless of how I feel about it, I haven't yet been to Australia. I haven't found a job there or even applied. I mean, there's the Hamilton Island thing, but my chances with that aren't great considering the professional level competition. And it's only a 6-month, temporary work visa thing anyway. The point is, in realistic terms, I haven't done much of anything necessary to actually move myself to Australia. Yet I feel virtually no connection to the United States at all at this point.

I feel like a man in a dream, watching a fire burning higher and higher all around him, oddly untouched by the flames or heat. Rather than being frozen with fear at the sight of this horrific fascist monster rising up, or crushed with despair at the well-deserved losses of the Republican Party, I feel .... nothing at all.

When I heard that Melbourne was burning, I was upset and wanted to go fight the fires. When I hear that L.A. is burning, I feel almost nothing. It burns all the time. Sometimes its terrible, most times not so much. We get over it.

When I heard that Queensland was flooding and entire towns were underwater, I felt bad for them and wanted to help. When I hear about Louisiana blaming Bush because the mayor of New Orleans failed to do his job and the governor failed to do her job, I feel disgusted. Oh sure, I gave money. Some of my friends took time off from work to go down and try to help. I considered it, but couldn't go. I didn't feel horrible. And when refugees from New Orleans came to Memphis and began robbing everyone, including our criminals, sympathy dropped off pretty dramatically. It's a shame, I know, because there are a lot of good people who have been devastated, but the bad ones, there are so many. And they have soured the nation to the whole thing.

I'm noticing blogs fading. I know this comes and goes in cycles, but this one is pretty dramatic and I can't escape the feeling that Facebook and Twitter and others are stealing voices from here on a permanent basis. Facebook is fun, but you can't just wander by and make a new friend at random the way you can on The Blog. It's a private party, not an open bar. Miss Smack wrote about it. Fingers commented on it. Everyone is seeing it. It may be temporary. It may not. Who can say?

No straight girls allowed on my team, dammit!

Recently a girl filed a lawsuit against Central Michigan University because the new lesbian basketball coach is openly harassing and discriminating against heterosexual players, costing them their scholarships. The News Media, quite predictably, isn't interested in this story. You certainly won't see any crime shows on CBS about any evil lesbian coaches harassing their straight female players, that's for damn sure. This is exactly the sort of story I'd normally spend a whole week writing about. It's tailor-made for me. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I just don't feel it. I hope the girl wins. What the coach is doing is wrong. I doubt she will, though. We all know who the powerful hate-groups are and who has no power. The outcome of this lawsuit is predictable. The powerless never win.

Misandric sexual assault is politically correct

Just the other night on CBS, the most racist and sexist network in the United States, a character named Ziva on the popular show NCIS, completely out of nowhere, sexually assaulted a white male who had pointed a handgun at her. It was at the end of the show. There wasn't any reason for it. They just threw it in there to make sure everyone knows how much CBS hates white males. It was interesting for several reasons. First, because there wasn't even an attempt made to justify it. She just did it for no reason. And second, she did NOT sexually assault the black male who was in charge, and who had just been shooting at her for over 10 minutes with a machine gun while telling her that he was going to rape her once he finally got her. No, sexually assaulting a black male is not politically correct. Only white males are to be sexually assaulted in the hate-motivated world of the PC Police State. This is why you won't ever see a black male be hit in the groin in any movie or TV show unless it was made by black people themselves, and usually only if it was made by one of the Wayan brothers.

Normally I would be all over this shit. But not this week. This week I'm numb. Or tired. Or maybe I'm numb and tired? I don't know. I'm just not myself. I didn't even yell at the TV when it happened. I just sat there and very slowly realized what had just occurred - black guy tries to murder woman with machine gun, black guy threatens to rape woman, white guy shows up with handgun, white guy is sexually assaulted and arrested, black guy isn't even handcuffed. Huh? That's fucking weird. Hey, wait a minute, that's Saul Alinsky PC sexist, racist bullshit! How did I miss that?

Sumner 'sociopath' Redstone says,
I love violent sex offenders. They're some of my favorite people.

So, what's most interesting this week, and this month, is not what Obama says in his many, many fucking speeches. It's what he's doing, but not so much talking about despite being on the TV every fucking night. Are you paying attention? Some bloggers are. Many are not, preferring instead to bask in the warm Oprah-like glow of empty rhetoric and promises that will not be kept. That's fine. I have so much I want to say. But for some reason I can't quite get it out. Perhaps tomorrow?

Oh, by the way, I've only just heard, but the Supreme Court has just ruled that despite our Constitution, legislators and prosecutors can now retroactively apply laws and charge people for things that weren't illegal when they did them, just so long as the new law is very, very politically correct. I shit you not. It passed 7-2, which is really disturbing. Someone was passing around some serious drugs on this day, clearly. So much for 'criminal intent' and all that.

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