Do Something Good

I know I write a lot of useless crap that affects no one and nothing and generally creates the impression, somewhat accurately, that I am nothing more than a girly bitch disguised as a grown man, but in this case I want to take time out to do something for real.

It appears that over 200 people will have been killed by the fires in and around Melbourne by the time this is all over with. Already over 1000 homes have been burned to the ground, along with everything in them. Entire families have burned up together in their cars trying to flee the inferno.

While all of this has been going on, little noticed among the horror, heavy rains and floods have been devastating parts of Northeastern Australia, drowning entire towns and killing residents and destroying homes. It's almost as if God decided that Australia is too beautiful and happy and needs to be knocked down to the level of unhappiness that the rest of the world currently experiences. I realize this is totally unbiblical, despite what a misguided Australian preacher said. I'm only joking about that.

Being serious once again, there doesn't appear to be much that you or I can do from where we are. But there is one thing many of us can do.

Anyone wanting to help can give to the Red Cross of Australia. It may not seem like much, but it's a heck of a lot better than doing nothing and then leaving the survivors to try to get back on their feet alone. Want to be a real 'mate'? Want to be 'true blue'? Fine, donate what you can so that the people who have been devastated by these terrible disasters can receive some help in getting back on their feet. You know they'd do it for you, 'cause Aussies are good people.

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