Philadephia Policewoman Tasers Handcuffed Man in Testicles

Sexual assault of handcuffed man using Taser

Bitch withdrawing the Taser

Man bends over and screams

CBS in Philadelphia is running a story about how Taser International is marketing their Tasers specifically to women. In the story, they casually mention that this feminized version of the Taser tortures the target not for the 5 seconds that a police Taser typically does, but for a whopping and heart frying 30 horrific seconds of electrified screaming.

They also casually ran a video in which a Philadelphia policewoman is shown Tasering a handcuffed prisoner in the testicles, in violation of Federal and International laws banning the use of sexual torture, including specifically the application of any electrical device to the genitals.

I personally have tried to complain to my legislators, including Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, about the fact that, while U.S. soldiers are currently serving time in a military prison for treating terrorists this exact same way, many of our own cops are apparently routinely sexually torturing average U.S. citizens as the courts and our legislators turn a blind eye.

In fact, it appears that in many police departments, such as in Oregon, they are training their officers specifically to use sexual abuse and torture as their first and primary approach to dealing with male American citizens.

But my legislators don't care, adopting the "it won't happen to me 'cause I have a special government license plate" attitude. And they have made it clear that they have no intention of lifting a finger to deal with this despite what the law says or how many times I show up in their office and pee in their coffee *cough* vodka.

Tennessee's own Governor Bredesen pretended he didn't have any idea what I was talking about, stuffing his fingers in his ears and chanting "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" before he tried to push me off onto the local Boondocks police department, claiming that each police department in this state follows it's very own unique and highly secretive laws and isn't affected by any laws he might write for the entire state.

I had to ask, "then what the fuck do you do here?"

But he LA LA LA'd me again and I never got an answer.

The full video story is here. While no mention of the sexual torture of this man's testicles by the policewoman was made, the news editor clearly found it interesting and entertaining enough to include in the 3 videos of citizens being Tasered by police, showing just enough to make it clear what just happened to the poor handcuffed bastard.

I have nothing against cops specifically, especially blonde C-cup cops named Ginni whose breasts are real and who gave me the ride of my life once back in Alabama. In fact, I nearly became a cop myself, back in college, when two of my friends entered the local adacemy and invited me to go with them. But when sexual torture is permitted to be used by the police, or anyone for that matter, then there is no longer any difference between good guys and bad guys, because no one is good anymore. There are no terrorists because there is no one who isn't a terrorist. And our Bill of Rights is nothing more than a useless shred of paper, because the clearly stated prohibition against the use of cruel and unusual punishment is being completely and viciously ignored.

Anyone who has observed the steady increase in the casual use of sexual violence in this country and doesn't feel alarmed is either high on drugs or a former KGB agent who longs for the good old days back in Moscow. Now that we have reached a point where many of our police are doing things to handcuffed men that only a serial killer or mafia hitman would do just 10 or 20 years ago, and no one seems to care, what will the next generation of criminals do? What will they NOT do? If anything goes, then what do we still have police for, and who are we going to turn to for protection from them?

If ever there were anything that could cause me to wad up my American flag and move to Australia for good, and not just because of all the hot babes who live there, this would be it. In the words of Australia's reigning crown princess Stephanie, "you American fuckers is KUH-RAY-ZEEEE!"

OK, rant over. But you know as this continues to get worse, there will be more to come. If you see me on the news chasing the governor of the state of Tennessee down the streets of Nashville, you'll know that I haven't given up on this. He's pretty old and can't run very fast, like most politicians, and I'm sick of this. If we truly are "slouching towards Gomorrah", as some people say, I for one am not going down without a fight.

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