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The article quotes Obama as saying this means "more warm clothing for children." No, it doesn't. It means more warm bombs and jets for Syria's military. We already know this from past experience. And Obama knows it, too, but he can't come straight out and say "I'm arming all the Muslim countries who are openly hostile towards us" because that would raise uncomfortable questions. Not from the US media, obviously, but people who are actually paying attention would ask "what the fuck would you do a thing like that for?! Are you trying to destroy America?" And that would be awkward for him.

And yet still no one gives a flying fart which athletes are using performance-enhancing drugs and which aren't. Honest to God, we don't care. This has been going on for so long that it no longer matters. Anyway, which drugs get banned and which don't is largely a matter of random decisions and political bullshit, so it truly has absolutely no meaning whatever. This is why we don't care. Whatever he's using, four years from now will probably be legal. And even if it isn't, all the Chinese and North Korean athletes are using them for the Olympics while our athletes are being tested and theirs aren't.

When has Obama EVER treaded carefully? His only job before George Soros made him a senator and then president was to be an agitator for the unions. His only actual experience is in stirring up riots. Tread carefully? The man has no clue how to tread carefully and no desire to learn. Why should he? Being a bully has gotten him this far, why turn back now?

The media always publishes polls they conducted themselves, which means they asked around the newsroom and then posted the results as if they were the opinions of all Americans. Anyway, non-military people will support anyone going into combat so long as it isn't themselves. The Americans most supportive of women in combat are lesbian feminist women too old to even register for the military, let alone be asked to. The Americans least supportive of women in combat are the people currently in combat or likely to be drafted to go into combat in the very near future. Of course, none of those people are included in the poll. The surest way to get Americans to support anyone going into combat is to promise that they themselves won't have to go into combat and deal with the consequences of their poorly thought out choices and then ask their opinion. "Let's say you never have to go into the military for any reason. Would you support sending other people's kindergartners into combat armed only with spears or are you a bigot who supports discrimination against the very young?"

That's ironic. Eating healthy has made more people sick than any other food source. You know what has never poisoned anyone? Chocolate covered peanuts! I don't know of anyone who ever ate chocolate covered peanuts and ended up in the hospital with some sort of non-allergy-related poisoning. Chocolate ice cream is another one that has never poisoned anyone. And chocolate cake has never made me sick with any sort of poisoning that I can recall.

No, it sure can't. Then again, no one ever called Fidel Castro a liberal either. Or Joseph Stalin. No one ever said "that Uncle Joe Stalin over in the Soviet Union is such a damn liberal." Chavez down in Venezuela hasn't ever been "hemmed in" with the "liberal" label either. And Mugabe of Zimbabwe is another one no one ever called a liberal. No, Obama is no liberal, that's certainly true. Not at all. Raging communist would-be dictator maybe, but no liberal.

Now that's rather ironic. Obama's own Department of Homeland Security says that the very guns Obama and the Democrats label 'assault weapons' are useful for self-defense and indicate that they want 7,000 of them as fast as possible. Why do you suppose a police force that only operates within the borders of the United States would suddenly have an emergency need for 7,000 additional 'assault weapons', especially during a time when Obama is moving to disarm the American People? That's odd, don't you think? They've also requested a shitload of hollow-point ammunition to go with those guns, which is ammunition designed for use on people not wearing any sort of military-style body armor. That is, ordinary Americans, for example, are vulnerable to hollow points, whereas when shooting at soldiers with body armor you don't use them. Why do you suppose Obama, while trying to disarm the American People, is arming his own police force as fast as possible with weapons like these? Hmm, curiouser and curiouser.

Remember when Obamacare was being shoved down the American People's throats and Nancy Pelosi got all bent out of shape whenever the issue of Government Death Panels was raised? Well, now that we're all choking to death on it and it is the law of the land, suddenly Death Panels are emerging and recommending that unpopular groups of Americans, namely smokers and fat people, just be left to die. And this is only the beginning.

The police in New York have decided that the scandal of stopping random citizens and frisking their bodies allegedly for weapons without any cause whatever has sullied their reputation. And everyone knows that in politics reputation is far more important than the law or civil rights. So with that in mind, the New York Police Department is looking into replacing its random molestation of American citizens with the random spraying of citizens with radiation in order to see through their clothing and look at whatever is inside, just in case someone might have a gun or a knife. Or nice tits. And hey, if this random daily molestation via radiation causes a person who is politically unpopular or just unconnected to get sick and need medical treatment, we can rest assured the Department of Health and Human Services will refuse them treatment and just let them die. Death Panels to the rescue!

A Georgetown law professor featured on CBS argues that the Constitution was all a big waste of time and we should just let it go. He insists that previous presidents routinely ignored it whenever it got in their way and this proves that it is just a piece of junk not worth fighting to keep. He also likes the idea of America as a British colony never freed from bondage and the idea of a king in general, as kings can do as they please without answering to anyone. But he only likes the idea of a king not restricted by any constitution when that king is the one he voted for. Otherwise, not even he believes his bullshit idea is a good one.

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