Benghazigate and The Big Picture

Thank you for all the weapons, Mr Obama
Prior to the presidential election, a terrorist attack on an American consulate in Benghazi occurred.  The US military was close enough to intervene, but were ordered by The White House itself to "stand down" and let the massacre take place.

"Stand down"
This obstruction from the White House was an odd occurrence, but not altogether inconsistent following on the heels of the Fast and Furious gun running scandal.  And because it directly resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans it was potentially disastrous for the sitting President who made that call to "stand down", Barack Obama.

Loyal Marxist zealots in the news media rushed to defend their president by burying the story. But it wouldn't go away.

We must protect the Great Leader
Then they conspired with the White House to concoct a story blaming the entire incident on a video about Islam that no one ever watched or heard of. The man who made that video was arrested and used as a scapegoat for the sins of the President and his staff. He is still in prison despite the fact that the politically motivated deception behind his arrest was ultimately exposed.

Next, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was called upon to fall on her sword for the President. She agreed to take the blame. What choice did she have? Congress subpoenaed her to step forward and testify as to what exactly went on inside the White House that resulted in this horrific dereliction of duty. This was a problem for the Obama White House because Hillary is terrible at being convincing when feigns normal human emotions. She comes across as cold and autocratic rather than intelligent and sensitive. People who have worked around her say that this is how she really is and that is why she comes across that way. She's an ice queen and a control freak. This is fine when you are in a position of power, interrogating rather than being interrogated. But Benghazi is a crisis in which the Obama White House desperately needs for her to be weepy and sorrowful for the deaths of the 4 Americans, even as she lies her ass off in denying that the White House was in any way responsible.

So the White House came up with a plan to buy time until after the election was over and the scandal could no longer hurt Obama's re-election. Hillary faked a fall and declared that she had a concussion. Had she been a man no one would have believed this for a minute. But because she is a woman, she knows she can always fall back on the "weak and delicate" ploy to gain an advantage. She has used this her entire career, despite calling herself a militant feminist. Hillary declared that she could not testify. She was in the hospital and was ordered by her doctors to stay right where she was. So sorry, can't come out and testify at your little hearing over why 4 Americans were slaughtered by bloodthirsty Muslims. Maybe tomorrow.

Me so clumsy! Ha ha! Me clumsy dumb girl!
When she had wasted as much time as the White House advisers felt they could get away with, they made a huge production of her return to 'work', complete with the always compliant news media present to take pictures as Hillary was given a White House helmet and ribbed about being clumsy.

'Oh silly woman, you are such a klutz, such a girl! Ha ha!'

But she hadn't been laying quietly in a hospital bed recovering from any head injury. No, she had been rehearsing feverishly with Hollywood's best acting coaches and DC's best trial lawyers to prepare for the now inevitable hearing at which she must appear. She practiced crying. She practiced being outraged. She practiced appearing human.

But despite the weeks of practice, it was apparent that she just wasn't going to be convincing.

Cold fish Clinton can't act
So, on the day Hillary Clinton was putting on her very best performance before the US Senate, the White House and their lapdog media staged a diversion and political payoff to Hillary's feminist base all in one go.

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that he was overruling America's military experts and sending women into combat alongside the men on a permanent basis.

I don't care if women die as long as it covers my boss' ass
The compliant media jumped at the chance to shove aside the news stories featuring angry, weepy, cold-fish Hillary and her evasive testimony and focus instead on this 'historic' first - women in combat!

Of course, Obama had already implemented a 'temporary' policy of forcing women into combat anyway, so this wasn't really that big of a change. But the media is all too happy to pretend that it is just for the sake of covering their messiah's ass for him.

And some are saying that sacrificing the lives of American women just for political cover is the coldest and most self-serving thing any sitting president has done in a very, very long time.

NARAL - for elderly lesbians who suddenly need an abortion
But the news media isn't covering that view. They've buried it under stories about the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade and the glories of abortion-on-demand. Out in the streets of Washington DC, gray-haired bulldyke lesbians who represent all the major abortion industries and lobby groups are being interviewed on every Left-wing news network, stealing precious time away from any coverage of the Benghazigate hearings. The irony of women who once chanted "you don't care if women die" as an odd and irrelevant accusation against pro-lifers, while simultaneously inside the White House an order is given for tens of thousands of women to die in combat, is too much for me to ignore on this blog.

I'm trying to imitate emotions I've seen others experience
The Marxist news networks are talking about wonderful, glorious abortion. They're talking about wonderful, glorious women being blown to pieces in combat - a giant step forward for Marxist feminism. And they are doing their best to avoid talking about Benghanzigate and Hillary's always-terrible performance as she tries to evade, obfuscate and appear even slightly human.

It's just business as usual here in the Obamanation.

I'm fucking you all!

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