Frying Friday

taser groin
Police intentionally shoot girl in groin with Taser

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, a police officer grabbed a 14-year-old high school freshman from behind, slammed her against a car, then pushed away and drew his Taser. He aimed the Taser at her groin, which he admits was absolutely intentional, and fired. The girl was electrocuted through her genitals and fell to the ground.

The video of this is going viral all around the internet.

Apparently now it's copyrighted and we can't see it

There are numerous stories being reported about this already. The cop said he was told that students were walking in traffic and create chaos on previous occasions, so the police were called to put a stop to it. He says he yelled to her and she had her back to him and ignored him. He said she was cursing, which he defined as inciting a riot.

I have already commented numerous times about my feelings concerning the use and abuse of Tasers, as well as Taser's own encouragement of targeting the groin and genitals specifically. If you read this blog then you already know how I feel about this. I'm leaving it up to you to watch the video, read the articles detailing what happened, and make up your own mind.

The police department has made the usual statements excusing the officer's actions and indicating that this will happen again in the future. The girl was absolutely bombarded with criminal charges following to the incident. Reading the list of charges filed against her you would think she was wearing a bomb vest and waving a machine gun when she ran up and tackled the unsuspecting policeman. But the video shows nothing of the sort. What it shows is a human being, an American citizen and child, being grabbed from behind, slammed into a car and then shot point blank in the genitals for what appears to be no just cause at all. Clearly the office was not in fear for his life when he drew the weapon, aimed it at her genitals and fired it.

Not only that, but she can clearly be seen raising her hands and surrendering right before the officer shot her in the genitals, in the exact same manner as the wheelchair-bound man in San Francisco earlier this year who was shot twice in the testicles with a shotgun after surrendering, all of which was also caught on video.

But again, you decide and tell me what you think. The beginning part of the video apparently does not show what they were doing beforehand, or so some of the articles say. Perhaps we missed something. Is there anything you can think of the video could possibly have missed that would justify the shooting of a human being in the genitals at point blank range with the world's most popular torture device, a device which is known to have caused permanent and total destruction of the genitalia of numerous victims in addition to having killed over 400 people?

How many unarmed human beings have to be shot in the genitals by American police, or grabbed by the genitals and lifted off the ground screaming, before something is done about this rising tide of sexual violence, absolute indecency, and torture by authorities and pretty much anyone else who enjoys sexually hurting people, without the slightest response from lawmakers and judges?

Now, in an unrelated note, I've noticed something else that is really bugging the shit out of me.

Yes, yes, I just assume you all come here to read about what is bothering me and hear me bitch.

OK, but once you notice it I guarantee its going to piss you off, too. Take a look at this car, the Nissan Juke:

Higher, brighter, larger and in-your-face

Look at the headlights. No, not the giant round driving lights that are now located where the headlights should be. Look up higher, closer to eye-level with the driver of a normal car. Yeah, THAT'S the headlights up there, up where your eyes will be as you're driving towards this monstrosity in your normal car. Those are the retina-searing laser HID headlights that are blinding drivers all over the world. The giant super-bright lights below are just parking lights, or driving lights, although they come on all the time to maximize the asshole-effect of this optical assailant.

This asshole-effect is important. The way these headlight systems work, the higher they are relative to other drivers, the more damage they do to your eyes when directed at you. They are 10 times brighter than normal lights, but the law only regulates the light they throw straight ahead, and even that is too high. They can throw as much light as they want at a slightly downward angle. Thus, the car companies can legally fry your eyes as long as the measured light projected straight ahead is below a level slightly less than the sun (seriously.) Lights mounted higher can emit as much light as possible downward into your face and the law doesn't care. So pickups and SUVs can legally blind us all because their lights can be mounted higher than a car's roof. The poor cars, though, are being left out. So that's why the manufacturers are now mounting the HID headlights up as close to windshield level as they can figure out how to do. They'll be putting them up on the roof soon if they can get away with it.

It isn't just this one Nissan car that has done this, raising the headlights up as high as possible to blind other drivers, while also installing the literally blinding Xenon HID system to make absolutely certain that every other driver on the road is blinded by them. It's nearly all the car manufacturers who are trying to figure ways to do this now. And for those of us who have to do a lot of night driving it is a major problem.

The worst offenders are the SUVs and pickup trucks. The systems I'm encountering in the full-sized pickup trucks are single-bulb on each side and when these trucks flash their brights at other cars there is absolutely no difference between their low and high-beam settings. They are EXACTLY the same literally blinding brightness. This means they are blinding everyone else on the road all the time and can't turn their ridiculous lights down even if they wanted to.

And lawmakers are doing absolutely nothing about it.

I'm gonna fry the eyeballs right out of your head
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