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Presidential candidate Herman Cain is under constant attack by Democrat operatives claiming he sexually harassed them, had a sexual affair with them, raped them, produced Satan's child through them, sacrificed goats with them, pretty much anything the Democrats can pull out of their ass is being thrown at Mr Cain. I thought they were vicious to Michelle Bachmann, the lone female candidate, but that was nothing compared to the raw hatred the Demos are firing at Herman Cain, the only black candidate. (No, I don't count Obama as black. Deal with it.)

Democrats go after Herman Cain with a vengeance

A computer scientist has revealed that virtually all smart phones have software installed on them that track not only our every move, but our every keystroke, as well. And then they report this information back to the company that provides your phone service. I had been cursing the hell out of my Blackberry for the ridiculous amount of time it spends ignoring me because it's too busy talking back and forth to the server. I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be saying that took so damn long. I guess now I know. Bastards!

Can't text now, busy reporting your passwords to Big Brother

Even though the Demos in the Press are virtually stringing up Herman Cain like their ancestors in the Ku Klux Klan used to do, that doesn't mean they aren't still taking cheap shots at Michelle Bachmann. They planted a high school student in one of her audiences and had him hit her with a bullshit question about gay "rights", worded in a way that assumes gay people in America don't have the exact same rights as everyone else, the very definition of 'equal rights'. They fear her because she's smarter than Obama, which doesn't take much, but she will take the hetero female vote away from him. Obama can't win with just the black and gay vote. And with the way they're lynching Herman Cain he may not even have the black vote for much longer.

I'll answer your bullshit question and impress voters as I do it

Apple's new Siri, the (of course) female voice on the new 4S phones that answers questions, gives advice and will tell you where to find businesses near your location if you ask, is under fire. It seems that feminists are drilling her with lots of PC questions and discovered that she has a glitch which they instantly declared a 'conspiracy to keep the woman down!' Siri can't find abortion clinics. If you tell her you want an abortion and need an abortionist, she says "I can't find one." Perhaps that's because in the everything-is-political United States, all abortion clinics are mislabeled 'family planning' clinics, and abortionists are called 'family planning doctors?' So if you ask Siri for a family planning clinic she has no problem answering. But if you ask her for an abortion, the intentionally misnamed and miscategorized clinics don't show up in her database as a valid answer. Don't blame Siri. Blame the American abortion industry that works so hard to hide what it is and what it does.

Feminists attack Siri

Government Motors' much touted and Obama-mandated Chevy Volt is (as expected) a big pile of shit. It catches fire when hit from the side, sometimes showing no indication that it is going to burst into flames for as much as 3 whole days, giving the owner time to get it to a bodyshop and have them pull it inside before it explodes like a terrorist's bomb and burns the whole place to the ground. And now the power chords are melting while recharging the damn cars. Its a good thing no one is buying these things anyway because if they did it could cause some serious problems.

The Chevy Volt - 230 mpg, 451 degrees Fahrenheit

A tiny church with only 40 members located in the middle of Nowhere, Kentucky, voted to ban interracial marriages at their church. The Left-Wing Press, believing that nothing else other than Siri not being able to perform abortions was more important than this story, has been covering it like mad all week long. The fact that a church is a private group of individuals and can vote to do just about anything they want, which has no impact on anyone outside of that group, seems to have escaped the understanding of the Media. Also escaping the perpetually bitchy American Press was that the church vote to do this was in response to a couple that only attended once, with the female of the couple being only barely associated with the church and her boyfriend not being a member at all, and even that vote hasn't been settled. The church members are still fighting over it, with most of them refusing to vote on it at all, and only 15 of them participating in the issue. Yet somehow THIS is the biggest news story of the week in the United States of PMS.

This is CNN
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