Where I'm At - Day 2

This wasn't my idea, but we needed a vacation badly, so we packed up the car and started cruising through the eastern half of Tennessee. Here is what we found, day 2.

It wasn't as exciting as the Jack Daniels distillery, but it was fun even so. Falls Mill was a place I didn't even know existed.

old car parking
No matter how far out I park, some fool always parks next to me

work truck
The Falls Mill official truck

Falls Mill portable coffee maker

owner house
Goodnight John Boy

Inside this working mill

dual instrument
Rumor has it Eddie Van Halen played one of these

edison phonograph
Where do you put the CD?

old workshop
This just looks like my dad's old workshop

falls mill front
The front of Falls Mill

falls mill back
The Big Wheel

lawn porn
Lawn porn

falls mill waterfall
Small waterfall


After Falls Mill, we stopped in Sewanee, Tennessee, at the University of the South, and took a look around. One red-headed college beauty even bounced her breasts at me and smiled, which I appreciated.

The University of The South

Actual students

Another shot


No one wears a watch here

I think they may have the Holy Grail in there

I feel a hymn coming on

I see dead people!

Fancy doors

I want one of these on my house

Tower power


Wash me

This is where the bouncing red-head jiggled at me

More doors


So, that's it for day 2. We left here and ate at a funky cafe with 20-something men who wear ponytails and 20-something women who never bathe. It was hippydelic. Then we drove on to McMinville, where we ended up staying in a hotel owned by the Patels, a family from India who spoke a weird combination of Hindi and Tennessee mountain redneck twang unlike anything I've ever heard before, ya'll.

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