Where I'm At - Day 1

I've been out of town, with a pile of crap Blackberry that won't allow me to receive emails or text messages. But it still takes pictures, so take a look at these:

JD plaque
Heaven's bar

photo Jack
Five-foot-two, eyes of blue, or brown. I don't actually know.

statue Jack
He kept seven girlfriends at a time - playa!

tower of Jack
An altar to the golden bottle

JD barrel
President Obama has one of these in the White House - seriously

JD ticket
My ticket to ride!

Everything after I entered the plant is photo-prohibited, so I'll skip ahead to after I left the distillery.

JD parking lot
The parking lot outside - this is what jack fans drive


halloween barrel
Halloween in Lynchburg

Jd delivery van
Old towns had milk trucks. Lynchburg had Jack Daniels trucks.

JD Harley
My Ride home

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