Poll: Do You Hear Annoying Music On My Blog?

I have had several complaints that "the Chipmunk Song" has suddenly appeared on my blog and is driving several of you insane. I have multiple requests to remove it.

The problem is, I didn't install any Chipmunk Song onto my blog. When I view my own blog I don't hear any song. When I check the layout code and HTML I also don't see any Chipmunk Song. The fact that I don't hear it or find it makes it very difficult for me to remove it.

I need to ask you, whether you read my blog through some sort of Subscription Reader service or come here and view it directly, A) do you hear a song playing? B) If so, is it The Chipmunk Song? C) Do you hear it regardless of how you access my blog posts? And lastly, D) what browser are you using?

Please leave a comment and answer me 'yes' or 'no' about the annoying music. I am doing everything I can to track this down and put an end to it, but it might help if I knew who does and who does not hear the music. Also, if you know the official title of this stupid song that I can't hear, would you tell me what it is, please?

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