Little Red Riding Hood - Part 5

All the major news networks began reporting on Red Riding Hood's shooting of Wolf non-stop from the minute the story hit their desks. It was a media dream-come-true, man-bites-dog, David defeats Goliath, grrl power kind of story that audiences love, especially women audiences. The story began at most major media outlets with the happy announcement that a young girl heroically defended herself against an evil male rapist whose race was only barely and very carefully mentioned, if it was mentioned at all. No photos of Wolf were shown. Red's name and photo were not given due to the fact that it was an attempted sexual assault of a female.

On most of the black networks and in black magazines and newspapers, the story was told somewhat differently. Red was said to be free from charges simply because she is white and her victim black. Wolf was merely an innocent bystander killed by some crazy white bitch. Same as it ever was.

Another ordinary night in Memphis
On the local Memphis stations, except PBS where Tavis Smiley was beating the black victimization drum night after night, the story was simply reported as a girl shooting a man near Briarcrest school. Wolf's most recent mug shot was shown and the fact that he had prior convictions for rape, assault, armed robbery and drug possession with intent to distribute was also mentioned. And then the weather came on. It was just a normal Memphis day.

But the black liberation agitators were hard at work, fueled by the knowledge that this is an election year and their president, Barack Obama, has not exactly been flying high these last three and a half years. The various leaders of certain key black liberation 'civil rights' organizations had all been called to a hasty meeting in New York City by billionaire political puppetmaster George Soros. In their meeting, at the Waldorf Astoria no less, Mr Soros reminded the various agitators that President Obama had given them a great deal of their personal wealth through his role in the subprime mortgage extortion racket over the past many years, and most recently he had arranged for the white people to pay for all their health care for life. Every person in the room except Mr Soros himself was currently living in a house literally given to them at no cost to themselves by various banks under threat of violent arrest and prosecution by the DOJ for charges of racism. Barack Obama, first as an agitator, then as a US Senator, and now as president, had a major role in making all that happen. Mr Soros knew the importance of reminding the room of this.

"You OWE this president"
"You OWE this President like you've never owed any President before" Mr Soros barked into the microphone as he stood before a packed audience of agitators. "Not even Lincoln did as much for you as Obama. Lincoln was just a political player who used you for his own purposes. You got him reelected and that's all he ever cared about. He didn't even sign the Emancipation Proclamation until the war was in its third year, which not coincidentally was an election year for Mr Lincoln. He smeared the blood of black slaves all over himself simply to get reelected. You owe that Republican bastard NOTHING. If anything, he owed you. But President Obama has spent his whole life helping you out of the goodness of his generous heart. And now he needs your help in return. And since you've all be happily spending so much of my money to keep your organizations going over the years, I'm going to tell you what you're about to do."

The audience listened intently and obediently. George Soros was their bread and butfter. His billions had purchased the loyalty of every single one of them and they knew it. He owned them just like he owned Barack Obama. He was a true-life king-maker.

Black protest marches suddenly began to spring up in large numbers in major cities across the US. And the marches frequently turned violent. In Los Angeles, black marchers used their protest signs to hit white women whenever they encountered them. With white men, they simply surrounded them one at a time and beat them to the ground. And then they kicked and stomped them to death. The mayor of Los Angeles stated on NBC Nightly News that he felt that the protesters rage was understandable and justified. He refused to condemn the violence. There were a handful of arrests, all of white males who fought back and won. No black protesters were arrested at all.

In East St Louis the marchers had no signs. So they carried baseball bats and crowbars instead and used them to smash windows and rob stores. There simply weren't any white people to beat up because no white people live in East St Louis. Looting was the only protest they could offer. The media didn't cover the story.

In Houston, Texas, a black protest march began with nearly 1,000 marchers, but because of the summer heat the march quickly died out and everyone went home to cool off. It's tough to march when it's 105 degrees with 80 percent humidity outside. No one, it seemed, was quite angry enough to march in Houston in July. The media covered the beginning of the march, when the crowd looked impressive and angry, but didn't mention that everyone left after about 10 minutes of sweating in the heat.

In Detroit, black protesters are practically the only people still living in the city. There is no one else anymore. So they simply set the city on fire, which they do every year anyway, and watched it burn. But because it happens every year it wasn't considered newsworthy.

In Chicago, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jr, recently released from a mysterious hospital stay that he insisted had nothing to do with drugs, led the march down the center of the city. News cameras were everywhere and both men gave very long speeches filled with rhymes and hateful rhetoric directed at white people in general and white women specifically. And then, oddly, after slamming white women with gusto, they both spoke of the white man's "war on women" which seemed almost scripted in that it didn't fit with the rest of their words at all. The left-wing networks showed only carefully edited excerpts from the speeches where no hate-speech, racism or misogyny could be heard. Fox News showed their entire speeches without editing and then commented on them at length, with Bill O'Reilly referring to everyone as a "pinhead." Talk radio played excerpts in which Al Sharpton said things with great conviction that made absolutely no sense. Then they made fun of how stupid he is.

Marches and protests sprang up repeatedly over the next few days in city after city, always demanding the arrest and execution of Red Riding Hood. The New Black Panthers, a black supremacist hate group, put a bounty on Red Riding Hood's life offering $50,000 to anyone who killed her.

Kill her!

At 2 a.m. Memphis director of police, Tony Armada, was awakened by the ringing of his telephone. He fumbled for the lamp beside his bed and turned on the light. "What the fuck is this shit?" he cursed as he looked at his caller id. "202 area code? I don't know any ... oh hell," he said as he realized the area code was from Washington, DC. "Ahem" he cleared his throat and sat up in bed. "Hello, this is Tony Armada. Who is this?"

"Tony, this is US Attorney General Eric Holder. I know I'm calling pretty late, but I've been in a meeting about a certain civil rights case in your district and I am so upset by what I'm hearing that I simply couldn't wait until the morning to call you. I hope that's OK with you." Mr Holder said, calmly, yet with an obvious lack of empathy in his tone that made Tony feel just a bit threatened. "Is that OK with you, Tony?"

"Yes, yes, of course, sir. That's fine." Tony stammered as respectfully as he could. "What seems to be the trouble and how can I help you?"

"The trouble is that an innocent and unarmed black man was gunned down by a bourgeois capitalist pig white girl in your city. She isn't even old enough to legally carry concealed or, for that matter, own a handgun at all and yet you have not seen fit to arrest and charge that bitch for an obviously racially motivated murder. That's the trouble. You want to help me, Tony? Do you? Then arrest that fucking whore who killed our brother."

"I will go absolutely arrest her if you say she should be arrested, Mr Holder, sir, but it won't do any good as long as the prosecutor says she hasn't committed a crime that he can prosecute. He already reviewed this case and ...."

"I've already spoken with the prosecutor," Holder interrupted, "and assisted him in understanding this case better. Don't you worry about no prosecutor, Tony. I've got the judge all lined up, too, so it's all good to go. know what I mean? We're good to go. All we need is the girl. Go get me that fucking white girl." the Attorney General demanded.

"Yes sir, I will do it, sir." Tony replied.

Early the following morning, as Red was walking in the front doors to her school, Memphis police surrounded her and placed her under arrest. The charge: racially motivated homicide, a federal hate crime.

A bail hearing was held that afternoon and bail was set at $1,000,000. Red's father called his broker, went deep into debt, and came up with the money. He whisked his little girl off to home as fast as he could and kept her there, not even allowing her to go to school or leave their property for any reason. He had begun to suspect the political power play that was taking place, with his little girl at the center, and he was very afraid of what was coming next. No justice would ever comes from this, of that he was certain.

Meanwhile, network news blared the story on every channel - "Red Riding Hood Arrested for Murder!" The mobs of black protesters celebrated in the streets, alternately screaming "we will overcome!" and "kill the white bitch!" In Washington, DC, in the White House Oval Office, President Obama and his advisers, including Attorney General Eric Holder, talked over their strategy.

"We're going to drag this trial out for the rest of this year, understand?" President Obama demanded. "We're going to make this trial the headline of every paper, the lead story of every news program, and the ONLY story right up until election day. There's not going to be any interest in the economy or unemployment or my health care legislation or the guns we gave to Mexican drug lords that they used to kill American police officers with or anything at all except THIS STORY, got it? We're going to make that clear to the news outlets who are favorable to us, just in case they don't get it already, and we're going to refuse to answer questions relating to anything else."  Everyone nodded that they understood.

Hillary has other plans
While the occupants of the White House celebrated and plotted their next move, something unexpected happened. Angry feminists began to take to the streets, led by President Obama's own Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Right out in front of the White House itself, on Pennsylvania Avenue, angry feminists chanted "end the war on women!", "Justice for Red Riding Hood!" and "You don't care if women die!" 

The President is betrayed
President Obama had neglected to invite Hillary to his meeting. And that suited Hillary just fine. She had other plans and the Red Riding Hood news story fit into them perfectly.

Hillary Clinton's widespread and powerful lesbian network had been busily calling radical female supremacist groups all across the nation ever since the news of Red Riding Hood's arrest hit the airwaves, instructing them to "get out on the streets and march RIGHT NOW! Protest the arrest of Red Riding Hood. This is Hillary's big chance to push Obama aside and take the Presidency that was rightfully hers in the first place. Now is the time to act!"

And then things began to unravel.

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