Cayce's Lost Photos

I was in Florida for a week recently. While I was there, walking alone on the beach for hours, I ran across a memory card for a camera. It was just sitting there in the sand. There are constantly people on the beach taking photos, plus professional photographers having families pose for  them. I figured whatever was on it, I'd take it home, look at it, and see if I could find a way to reach the person it belonged to. If it was a professional then it might have some indicator of who the photographer was. If not, it would be much harder to identify.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be a professional's card. I see nothing in the photos that helps me identify the photographer. So with that in mind, I'm just going to post some of the photos here and say that if this is yours then email me and we'll talk about getting the card to you (nudememphis at yahoo.) Or I could just email you the photos that aren't already posted here.

Western Carolina University
Class of 2012
Cayce - graduate of Western Carolina U. class of 2012
"Western Carolina University 
Cullowhee, NC"
Whomever you are, Cayce, I have your photos

 I suppose I may go have a look out on Facebook and see if I can find this Cayce person, somehow associated with Western Carolina University. Or, if you like, you can do it and let me know what you find. I'm about to go to work so this will have to wait until later for me. We can all form a "Good Samaritan" club and try to track this Cayce down and give her back her photos. What do you say? Sound like fun? Hey, it's Tuesday. What else is there to do?

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