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Well, what to say with all the chaos in my life right now? My train of thought today is more like a switching station in a train yard. I'm going every which way.

Romney is the Republican Nominee

He's got the money to back his own campaign, and he's clearly serious about this. His opponents went broke, or into debt trying to win it. Many came close. Now it remains to be seen if Romney can convince conservative-Americans that he is a conservative and not just a party puppet, out-of-touch and useless like so many others before him.

Romney's Man Problem

The press is talking about Mitt Romney's number one problem - men aren't voting for him. If he were a Democrat this wouldn't matter. The Democratic Party long ago declared its hatred of the male sex and its allegiance to the communist manifesto's mission statement declaring the goal of destroying "white European males, capitalism and the Christian church." As a result, Democrats rely on the votes of those they bribe with discriminatory and illegal favors - blacks, women, gays and union members. The Republicans, by contrast, rely on the votes of men, heterosexuals and Christians. Without the support of male voters the Republican party cannot win. But the Republican party leadership is made up of liberal former Democrats, gay Log Cabin Republican men, country club third-generation money wimps, and other very out-of-touch, non-conservatives who want accolades from the rich social circles that they move in, and that means feminists. In order to win accolades from feminists they must betray male voters at every turn. They freely do so. But male voters aren't stupid. They know they're getting bent over and ass-raped on a regular basis in Washington and all the other seats of power around the United States. So when male voters sense that a Republican isn't genuine, that he's going to ass-rape them, they don't support that candidate. Bob Dole and John McCain are two fine examples of Republican ass-rapers who lost in their feeble attempts to reach the White House as a direct consequence of kissing up to feminists and betraying the trust of male voters. Mitt Romney's failure to stand up for men's right to exist during the Augusta Country Club scandal actually lowered his ratings among male voters. This was as predictable as the sun rising in the morning, and yet it came as a surprise to him and his staff. This surprise is a bad indicator of future failure by Mitt Romney should he not pull his head out and face up to the reality that if he doesn't stand up for men and fight for the male vote, he will not get it and he will lose.

Trayvon Martin

A black man in a private neighborhood in which he did not reside was observed after dark by armed community watch members who tried to question him. His response was to walk rapidly away from them, cover his face with a hood, and finally to assault one of them when they caught up with him. He was shot and killed by the Hispanic man he was allegedly on top of and pummeling. The police saw no reason to arrest the shooter as it was a clear-cut case of legally justified self-defense. But under Obama and his black supremacist brother-in-arms, Eric Holder, the US Department of Justice is totally radicalized, viewing the purpose of power and trust to be the advancement of a black supremacist, Marxist agenda. Thus, even though the shooting was legal, the shooter shall be arrested and charged anyway. His crime isn't that he broke the law. His crime is that he is Hispanic instead of black or female or gay, and thus not permitted the same legal protections as he would have if he were black or female or gay. This case is one of dozens in which the Department of Justice has clearly allied with the Black Panther hate-group in perverting or preventing justice under the guise of law enforcement. Everyone knows it. And yet, Mitt Romney may still lose the coming heavily fraud-tainted presidential election because he won't stand up for the rights of the common ordinary man against the Priestesses of Political Correctness.

Democrats attack Ann Romney for being a good wife and mother

The hard-Left communist Democrats are attacking non-candidate Ann Romney for the crime of being a good wife and mother to her children, staying home to raise them to be productive members of society instead of ruthless thugs like many of the parentless children in America whom the Democrats rely upon for votes. To the feminist-controlled communist Democratic Party, being a housewife is the worst possible thing a woman can do and they have no qualms whatever about crucifying any woman who chooses this very important, necessary and highly respected path. Thus, they are in full attack mode, targeting her for their most vicious assaults in an attempt to bully her husband out of the presidential race. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama, who not only never worked a day in her life either, but also cannot explain how she and husband Barack managed to afford the very expensive home they lived in in Chicago, has not been criticized at all for her total lack of contribution to society.

Sexual Assault not charged as Sexual Assault

Christina Reber was so convinced that she owned her ex-boyfriend and thus his sexuality, too, that after they broke up she kicked in his door and ripped off his testicles while attempting to crush them with her hands. She was charged not with sexual assault, but with assault, as if she had punched him in the face. This is like saying that a man who kicks in a woman's door and pummels the inside of her vagina with a baseball bat or his penis is simply guilty of assault, as if he had bloodied her lip and nothing more. And when males are the victims of sexual violence this is always how The Law treats it - as nothing of significance and certainly not deserving of severe punishment. I guarantee you this psychotic sex offender will get a plea deal to a misdemeanor and walk out the door with a sentence measured not in years, but in days. Fifty bucks says she serves less than 90 days in a jail cell when all is said and done. Women who cut off their boyfriends penises have served less so there's no reason to expect anything different with this one. And of course she will not be registered as a sex offender. We reserve this lifetime sentence for old men who wag their penises at passing strangers or nerds caught with photos of high school girls because, you know, those guys are so incredibly dangerous.

Mississippi has more pregnant teenage girls than any other state

Mississippi is the feminists dream state, with more strong, independent girls having babies without husbands than any other state. Mississippi girls have sex when they want, where they want and with whomever they want, the way feminists insist all women should. When they turn up pregnant, if they choose not to abort, they simply have the baby, husband or no husband, known father or no idea who he is, hell or high water. Congratulations Mississippi! You are America's most "progressive" state!

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