Where the hell did I go?

I forgot to tell you guys, but I'm over at Burt's Stache and I have been since late last week. It's not that I'm being unfaithful. It's just that sometimes I wander over to the wrong website and start writing. Once I start, well, you know I can't stop my amazing genius or anything.

Burt's Stache?
What the fuck is that?

By the way, over on Twitter, Elizabeth Banks is entertaining us with this:

ElizabethBanks Do I still have to tip a town car driver who doesn't carry my bag, then farts in the car? Also, it's raining so the window roll-down sucked.

ElizabethBanks When this driver tweets that I'm cheap, I want my side of the story known: He is non-bag-carrying farter who listens to lite rock.

ElizabethBanks Some clarification - he didn't roll down his window - he instead pretended the fart didn't happen. AND he didn't wear his seatbelt.

ElizabethBanks Maybe he was afraid that if he tightened his seatbelt a couple more farts would be squeezed out. A gentleman.

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