Hump Day Meme

Back to School - from Khaki

1. What was your high school decade?
'80s baby! Totally awesome!

2. Are you still friends with your high school friends?
Most of them, yes. Several of them blog now.

3. What was your favorite thing about high school?
Hot girls everywhere I looked!

4. Your least favorite?
Hot girls everywhere I looked and me with a crushing lack of self-confidence.

5. Did you have a high school sweetheart? And how did that work out?
Yes, I did, and that did not work out well at all. She had been through a few bad step-fathers and I had that crushing lack of self-confidence, so together we were a train wreck.

6. Would you do the whole high school thing again, or is it better left in the past?
I would do it over, totally differently this time. But it would be a blast and I wouldn't pass up the chance if I had it.

Ah, remember the good old days?

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